Risk Management

Minimized Risk. Maximized Control.

Luxemborg Trading LLC/Grupo Petrotamps S.A. de C.V. energy derivatives tailor products to help clients manage price and cost volatility creating a safer base commodity product and financial liquidity that protects their customers margins over extended periods of time. This is accomplished through swaps, used for locking in purchase and/or sale prices and other customized options designed to manage exposure and price risk.

All of Luxemborg/Petrotamps suppliers are publicly (SEC regulated) traded companies that have the highest standards in fuel quality control and logistics expertise. These suppliers are all based in the United States. Our customers do not have to be concerned with any supply risks of any kind.

The dedicated team of risk management experts at Luxemborg/Petrotamps provides a suite of solutions to improve operational efficiency, operation risk mitigation and compliance control. Our Risk Management Program is designed to help customers make better security and risk decisions, minimize the chance for fraud and financial loss, and reduce cost of managing your overall risk. With a focus on building strong financial control frameworks to support increased efficiency, robust risk mitigation and compliance strategies for clients and investor’s, the Risk Management Program is design to plan, protect, detect and respond to fraud and financial loss threats. Our team has a targeted focus - dramatically reducing your risk and improve organizational and end-buyer compliant behavior. This is our valued proposition.