Unparalleled delivery & service.

Luxemborg Trading LLC/Grupo Petrotamps S.A. de C.V. has established strong business relationships with some of the top logistics companies in the world. Clients' profits can take a massive hit if the proper logistics are not in place and Luxemborg/Petrotamps has learned through the years who has the experience needed to make sure that will not happen. Luxemborg/Petrotamps manages product flow to ensure commodities bought and sold by its customers arrive safely and on time. We review our partners performance and determine if they maintain the same set of standards we personally provide our customers. This vetting process is designed to ensure that we create a consistent accountability throughout our organization, including third party groups we hire to represent Luxemborg/Petrotamps.


Luxemborg Trading LLC/Grupo Petrotamps S.A. de C.V. is key on providing state-of-the-art logistical strategies for our customers. Whether it be by:

Rail Cars (trans-loading services included)
Truck Rack Services
Barge or Small to Large Vessel Services
Luxemborg/Petrotamps owns fuel trucks and works with solid third party groups that we have partnered with who have the experience necessary to deliver your product on-time and on-spec.


Being able to adapt and provide competitive pricing by offering a hedged pricing structure just like the major trading houses. This gives Luxemborg/Petrotamps a tremendous competitive advantage that similar small to mid-size supply groups do not typically offer. Luxemborg/Petrotamps also works directly with strong finance partners that look at various options for using Letters of Credit and extremely competitive currency swaps for our international customers.
Price hedging based on futures contracts, swaps and put options are financial tools often used to provide stability in an extremely volatile market such as diesel and gasoline purchasing. We have a team of experts that can help our customers fix pricing for pre-determined periods of time and not worry about large increases/decreases in fuel pricing.