About Us

Quality fuels for quality customers.

Luxemborg Trading LLC/Grupo Petrotamps S.A. de C.V. is the leading supplier of top quality fuels, including different ranges of bulk diesel fuel, bulk gasoline, off road diesel, off road gasoline, Pale Oil, Oil and now non-ethanol gasoline. All gasoline grades meet the EPA’s additive requirements for Mexico and help to reduce our customers’ overall carbon footprint. With the growth of petroleum and motor engine technology, fuels have become cleaner burning and more efficient, which translates to safer for the environment and the public.

We offer quality unbranded wholesale NOM-16 ultra low sulfur diesel, Magna and Premium gasoline. You can rely on our dedicated delivery service and not have to worry about out running out of fuel.

Our vast experience in Petroleum Wholesale trading over many years translates into providing affordable petroleum products to our clients at any time of the year.